This is a great supporting system for farmers around the world in order to make a reduction to the problem of extreme poverty and hunger in the world. This application allows farmers from different part of the world to make advertisement of their farm products, show their farm location and get contacts of other farmers. the application makes non farmers too to buy farm products from the cheapest farm telling them the location of such farm. On the home page of this application there is a display of the one of the world bank data set, which is the one of Agricultural land in every country.This is appropriate for this application because it is more difficult to get a land to practices agriculture in some country than others, but with this awareness farmers can know were to go if they need farm land for plantation, even if it means to travel to a neighboring country. A typical example of this is the largest farm in Africa, this farm is owned by a Nigerian, but the farm is in Benin Republic.One of the main challenge of the reverend father(the owner of the largest farm in Africa) when he wanted to start was land. He couldn't get such land in Nigeria so he had to go to a neighboring country.So, having a useful web site, that expose such detail as Agricultural land of every country, might just be one of the greatest help to solving the problem of extreme hunger and poverty.

With this application,

  • More people will go into farming because it's now very ease to let people know about your product world wide.
  • Farmers can contact each other for help, as the application gets the contact number and adderess of every farmer that make free advert on the application.
  • People are  aware about were their is more opportunity of getting farm land to make farm, because the application makes use of the Agricultural Land data set in the world bank data.So, some one in Nigeria can go to Ivry cost, benin or vise-verse.

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