An App Called HoPe

Imagine a place where no one is constrained. Where anyone can access useful information legally and carry out research without stress. A place that unifies the efforts of various sites through their APIs and provides easy to use tools for teams, individuals, organisations etc.

HoPe is more or less a vision of that place. It is an app that tries to help solve the problems faced by many people especially students who lack access to books and information as well as researchers. It is aimed at helping people find important information. Users can find and preview books, view statistics such as a country's GDP graphically, find old and new articles, participate in discussions and  etc.

It is very much incomplete at the moment, many issues have to be fixed, A suitable host has to be found and development can only be resumed after the end of the competition but I'm confident that HoPe will grow to make the vision a reality.

Try it out