World Facts You Should Know before 2015

WorldFacts is the simple web application to answer interesting questions about world facts by using picture graphs and bar charts.

The most problems of using WorldBank data by non-technical users are: What is it ?, What is the interesting in this data for normal people ? Why people should know about it ? Where to start with this dataset ? How to get the overall facts and how to use it in their life ?

In order to solve these issues, I gathered the most interesting datasets and summarized them to the easiest way to understand information. Without any fancy techniques, good question and picture graph can be the simplest solution to describe most data attractively. 

I believe in the sentence "A picture is worth a thousand words".
So, I use many pictures to explain the most interesting issues in World Bank data. :)

I also added small script to detect where users come form to get their country name and query the related information to the question (if it is available). 

I hope you like it.



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