•   about 13 years ago

Leaderboard for Public Voting

Hi all,
Since the application gallery is split over 12 pages and shuffled daily, I was having trouble keeping track of my app and others' vote counts. I put together a quick page to show the rankings:
It auto-refreshes hourly, and you can force a refresh by visiting:
It should be useful to folks who want to see how their app is doing during the public voting period, or get an overall picture of the votes.


  •   •   about 13 years ago

    Awesome...Thanks Michael!

  • Manager   •   about 13 years ago

    Howdy, there is a new sort filter at the top of the gallery (on the official site) defaulted to Random, and with Votes and Name as options too. We strive to encourage people to view randomly and not by leading votes because that can be reinforcing for existing leaders, but our compromise is to default to Random.

  •   •   about 13 years ago

    Personally I think it would be fairer if people couldn't sort by vote until after the voting has finished. If I was coming to this without knowing anything about it I would tend to go straight to the highest-voted apps and ignore the others.

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