Manager   •   about 13 years ago

Your submissions in review

Hi all, just a quick note to let you know that submissions are still being verified for eligibility before being put on the gallery. This means verifying that it's a working software app and uses at least one dataset from among other requirements.
There are two ways to verify that your submission went through. The first is that you received an email saying it has been submitted. The second is that when you log in to the platform, there is a visible black drop down on the right called "Your Submissions". You'll see your submission listed there with the word "Submitted" next to it.
If you have further questions, particularly related to a specific submission, please message us through the messaging system on your submission page, or email us at
Thanks a lot, and please stay tuned.

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  • Manager   •   about 13 years ago

    Hi there, we'll message you via the system soon. Yesterday was the submission deadline so as you can imagine there was a deluge of submissions and the like. Please hang tight, thanks.

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