•   over 12 years ago

Hosting Problems

Hi guys!
Does anyone know any free web host that has php functions like simplexml_load_file and file_get_contents working? I uploaded my app to host-ed.net but the functions are not working.


  •   •   over 12 years ago

    I just read this, i dont know if its too late, but i have my virtual host, i can host you, no charge.

  •   •   over 12 years ago

    Hi! thanks for the offer. I had to travel to school some hours after I created the discussion and was unable to go online for some time.  I decided to submit the app that way before I left though...

  •   •   over 12 years ago

    In my case, my proposal: talamancacr.org is hosted in my own house because it uses an enterprise framework ideal for distributed applications and SOA integration.

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