•   about 13 years ago

Spurious scrollbars!

Hi, I notice on the Widgets (http://data.worldbank.org/developers/widgets) that a scroll bar is shown. As far as I can tell, the scrollbar doesnt really add any value.  Is there any chance the WB team can tweak the widget code to remove the scroll bars?


  • Manager   •   about 13 years ago

    Thank you for the feedback, we will pass this on to the World Bank's dev team.

  •   •   about 13 years ago

    Hi MDGTagger,
    The scrollbar is added because of the size of the embed; this is happening by default on maps but not charts. Increasing the height of the embed code will make the scroll bar go away, i.e. by tweaking those parameters in the embed code. Try it out and let us know if we can answer any other questions.

  •   •   about 13 years ago

    alrighty, I'll give it a go

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