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Guidance on Judging Critera.

The judging criteria section states the points as :

Quality of the Idea
Including creativity and originality
Implementation of the Idea
Including user experience, design, and performance
Potential Impact on the Competition Objectives
Which are 1) raising awareness of, or 2) making progress toward achieving at least one MDG

My Questions are :
a) originality/creativity : Does an idea picked up from "" as given in resources weighs good on originality scale ? What if the first person to pick an idea from there, and execute it curbs the chances of others thinking in that line ? What is my idea is my own brainstorming result, but seemingly less creative than someone's who took it from the resources? How does the subjective scoring work here. Any insights would be really helpful.
b) 1) raising awareness of, or 2) making progress toward achieving at least one MDG : If my application achieves only one of these goals, which will mostly be "raising awareness" as other developers would also agree.Does it score less/more if it can achieve both goals, or one goal being more important out of the two.
Thanks alot. Awaiting feedback.
My submission would be submitted soon. Giving it finishing touches.
4 days for deadline :)

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  • Manager   •   over 12 years ago

    Hi, thank you for your questions. Submissions will not be penalized if they appear as ideas on the App Ideas site; they are there as a resource for you to use as you wish.
    As for your submission achieving one or both of the MDGs, it may or may not matter. The judges will simply look at the criteria as they are written, and use their common sense (and expert opinions) to judge the submissions according to all of the criteria. Judges may find that an app which only addresses one objective is better than the others, or they may not.
    We hope this is helpful and look forward to your submission!

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