•   almost 13 years ago

Is it allowed to update the application after submission date?

Our application is a web application, and it will be possible to update our site even after submission date.
As time is running short for us we will probably not have time to include all features we want to. So the question is: Is it allowed to add features and/or bug fixes after submission date?


  • Manager   •   almost 13 years ago

    Hi there, after the deadline for submissions occurs, submissions may not be altered until after Feb 28 when the judging ends, as per the Official Rules. This is to ensure fairness and to maintain integrity around the submission period.
    Thank you.

  •   •   over 12 years ago

    Hi Brandon, I have a similar but slightly different question:  can I make multiple changes to the submission itself, description, images etc or is that a one time submission? cheers

  • Manager   •   over 12 years ago

    Hi, you can change anything about your submission through the website until the submission close date and time. Thanks!

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