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Congratulations to the winners and all contestants

Congratulations to all creators of the 107 apps submitted to the World Bank's Apps for Development Competition. The true value in the competition is all of the apps released together for the public, researchers, and development professionals.
We also want to congratulate the winners, and to thank the wonderful panel of judges who chose them.


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    I would like to add my congradulations to all particpants as well.My only beef is that the oraganizers went to a lot of trouble only to end up with something they already had on the World bank data website -a general purpose data displayer with boilerplate excel templates from 1989.It seems the judges settled on something they were already famalier with.

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    I agree wtih ronmac view:
    - The intention of the contest was not help MDG, the intention is marketing the open data initiative.- The usage of the MDG, poverty reduction and persuade third world countries developers to contribute ideas and apps (as said by Mr. Zoellick Video) was part of the marketing: 80% of the winners are in first world country.- Most of the apps winners (If not all) have only one purpose: display the world bank data in a beautiful and fashion way for marketing purpose. none of them have direct impact of reducing poverty or helping underdevelopment countries.While World Bank improves his data displaying tools, the poor countries are facing poverty.Appsfordevelopment motto: "The World Bank has challenged the public to create innovative software applications that move us a step closer toward solving some of the world's most pressing problems."World Bank decision: Award beautiful applications that displays in a fancy way its data. Big World Bank Open Data Initiative benefit, none impact in MDGs...
    Of course, when you live in the confort and safety of Washington DC you forget about "move us a step closer toward solving some of the world's most pressing problems."...

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    Congratulations to the winners.

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