•   over 12 years ago

A final Reflexion and thought

The appsfordevelopment contest (acutally, apps to showcase Open Data Initiative) was marketed as a "move us a step closer toward solving some of the world's most pressing problems”
The president of the world bank persuade developers to "help change the world", and contest also took the noble MDGs initiative to market its contest as "useful for the world".
Looking at the winners, we see fancy and beautiful data displayer that do not solve any problem in the world but market World Bank Open Data Initiative.
World Bank used the MDG and poverty calamity in an arbitrary way, now World Bank will take those applications to promote its own interests instead of doing something to solve the problems.
It is understandable that in the comfort of Washignton DC, Australia and Europe they do not note the slight different of market poverty and actually seeing it every day as I do in Costa Rica, Colombia and Nicaragua.
World Bank did an unfair and unacceptable market of third world countries problems to promote an open data initiative looking for fancy application to display its data instead of focusing on solving problems measured by those indicators.
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