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Automated voting

I would like to know if public and specially competitors are going to be informed if one participant is using automated voting.
From the contents rules:
"Use of an automated process or similar device to submit an electronic vote is strictly prohibited. Any attempt to circumvent the one vote limit per Submission or to use an automated vote process will subject all votes from the person to disqualification. If a Contestant receives multiple and/or irregular votes from the same user or users, including but not limited to, votes generated by a robotic, programmed, script, macro, other automated means or other source, the World Bank reserves the right to disqualify the Contestant in their sole discretion [...]"
In case some competitor is tracked by IP, session or using any other illegal mean, will competitors be informed or what is the procedure against such competitors ?
Thanks in advance,


  • Manager   •   over 12 years ago

    Hi Fabio, please know we check voting rigorously and via many avenues, both automatic and manual, and both during the competition and after. Just because a vote shows up on the site does not mean it will be counted as an eligible vote for prizing. That is the extent of what we can share with you, other than that again we take fairness extremely seriously.
    Thank you.

  •   •   over 12 years ago

    Thanks for your reply, now it is clear to me that website vote count does not mean those votes are eligible.

  • Manager   •   over 12 years ago

    Website vote count does not mean those votes are necessarily eligible.

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